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Higher Ed: Are all degrees created equal?

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The economics of privatizing social security

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Mental Accounting - Is a dollar a dollar?

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How do energy prices affect consumption?

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Do schools matter for student achievement?

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Household Finance: Designing a smarter SNAP

  • Press
    December 2014:
    The NBER Reporter summarizes Dr. Hastings' work on privatizing social security in their latest issue. Click here to read more.

    December 2014:
    New Policy Briefs Available: Economics, Distilled – We've translated each technical paper into key points and takeaways for policy. We aim to make cutting-edge research accessible, usable, and translatable into real policy that impacts lives for the better. Click here.to access the briefs.

    December 2013:
    Dr. Hastings’ work on federal student loan caps in Chile is adopted by the government. Starting in 2014, the calculation will include labor market earnings gains to improve transparency and incentives in the market for higher education in Chile.
    Read more.

  • Seminars
    November 2014:
    National Bureau of Economic Research Household Finance Conference on Research Findings and Implications for Policy. Washington, DC.

    October 2014:
    UCLA Anderson Business School, Los Angeles, CA

    April 2014:
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Washington, DC.

    February 2014:
    Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

    December 2013:
    Stanford University Center for Education Policy Analysis, Palo Alto, CA.

    October 2013:
    University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Chicago, IL. Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Mexico City, Mexico.

    June 2013:
    University of Chicago, Chicago, IL and U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Washington D.C.

    May 2013:
    NBER Education Economics Spring Meetings, Cambridge, MA, and Toulouse School of Economics, Toulouse, France

  • New
    September 2014:
    New draft: "Are Some Degrees Worth More Than Others? Evidence from College Admission Cutoffs in Chile" with Christopher Neilson and Seth Zimmerman. Download National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 19241 here

    March 2014:
    "School Choice and College Attendance: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries" with D. Deming, T. Kane and D. Staiger published in the American Economic Review. Read more
    January 2014:
    New paper: "Advertising, Reputation, and Environmental Stewardship: Evidence From the BP Oil Spill" with Lint Barrage and Eric Chyn. Download National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper 19838 here
  • Pipeline
    • “(Un)Informed College Choice: Evidence from Chile.” with Christopher Neilson, Anely Ramirez, Unika Shrestha and Seth Zimmerman. Manuscript, Brown University.
    • “Information, Incentives and Student Loan Design.” with Harald Beyer, Christopher Neilson, Phillip Ross and Seth Zimmerman. Manuscript, Brown University.
    • “The Impact of Information on Postsecondary Investments: Evidence from the Chilean Student Loan System,” with Christopher Neilson, Anely Ramirez and Seth Zimmerman. Paper in progress.
    • “The Impact of Loan Policy Design on Postsecondary Education Markets: Evidence from Chile.” with Christopher Neilson and Seth Zimmerman. Paper in progress.
    • “Impatience, Information and Investment Choice: Field Experimental Evidence in Mexico’s Privatized Social Security System.”